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Sri Lanka is a natural habitat to a wide variety of animals and birds. A number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks have been set up in this country. The wetland marshes and tropical rain forest regions in Sri Lanka are haven to various species of animals and birds.
The diverse fauna and flora of Sri Lanka attracts tourists from all over the world. At the sea beaches of Mirissa, one can go for whale watching and spot dolphins. Camping and safaris are also arranged in Sri Lankan national parks. In this small island country, about 91 species of mammals are found of which some are threatened species. Near about 171 species of reptiles are found in Sri Lanka. The total number of species of amphibians found in Sri Lanka is more than 106. About 427 species of birds are found on this island. About 82 species of fresh water fish are found in Sri Lanka.
Yala National Park, Bundala National Park, Sinharaja Rainforest, Udawalawe National Park, Kumana National Park and Gal Oya National Park are some of the famous national parks in Sri Lanka. The mostly seen animal species in Sri Lanka are leopard, elephant, sambhar, wild buffalo, ant eater, jackal, mongoose, lizard, squirrel, deer, monkey and sloth bear. Some of the noted species of birds in Sri Lanka include black shouldered kite, hawk eagle, black crowned night herons, Indian blue robin, bulbul, egret etc.

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