Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna beach is one of those few Sri Lankan beaches that are enriched with endless natural beauties. It is surrounded by clear turquoise sea and fringed hillsides that have invested it with almost a divine glory. Presently, it is considered as one of the 12 top beaches in the world. Unawatuna beach is making its present felt in the global tourism industry by offering a different kind of beach life experience to its visitors.
What is special about Unawatuna beach is that it is immensely enriched with biodiversity and therefore, it can be promoted as an eco-tourism center in near future. Unawatuna beach is conveniently located 125km from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka and it stretches over 4km to the south of Galle. This beach is protected by a reef and this is what has helped it to emerge as the best bathing beach in the entire Sri Lanka.
Those people, who have a thing for scuba diving, Unawatuna beach would be their ideal destination. It will take just 20 to 30 minutes on boat to reach any wreck dives that are quite common in this locality. Besides that, this beach is also famous for other kinds of exciting water sports activities such as snorkeling, swimming etc.
Unawatuna beach has its own legend. It is believe that this place is created by Lord Hanuman, though unintentionally, while He was carrying the entire Himalayas to save Lord Lakshman.

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