Kumana National Park

Kumana National Park covers an area of about 18, 149 hectare of land. It is located in the south-east part of Sri Lanka. This bird sanctuary is an attraction for bird watchers. This national park was previously known as the Yala East National Park and it came to be known by its present name from September 5, 2006. The park was reopened in March 2003 after it was closed since 1985 due to Civil War in Sri Lanka.
There is a swamp lake of about 200 hectare known as Kumana Villu in Kumana National Park. During the months of May and June numerous species of water birds nest around the swampy area.
At Kumana National Park, birds like herons, egrets, white ibis, spoonbills, painted storks and pelicans can be easily spotted in Kumana National Park. Very rare species of black necked storks, great thick knee, Eurasian spoonbill etc are also found in this national park of Sri Lanka. The fauna of Kumana National Park is mainly of mangrove variety. Kumbuk trees and karan fern trees also grow in this region.
In Kumana National Park different varieties of animals like wild boar, elephant, European otter, golden jackal and fishing cat are found. Indian black turtle, flap shelled turtle, mugger crocodile can be also seen here.

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