Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park is a popular eco tourism destination in Sri Lanka. It is situated about 180 Km away from Colombo city. From Anuradhapura it is only a distance of 30 Km. This park is considered to be the largest national park in this country. Wilpattu National Park occupies about 425 sq Km of area. On the west, the national park is bordered by the Indian Ocean. To its north is Kala Oya and to the south, the Wilpattu National Park is bordered by Modaragam.
In Wilpattu National Park, a number of wild species are found. There are about 31 species of mammals those are found in Wilpattu National Park. The commonly found reptiles in the Wilpattu National Park are common cobra, mugger crocodile, rat snake etc. Star tortoises, soft shelled turtles and pond turtles are also found in this national park. Many species of birds like whistling teal, spoonbill, large white egret, pin tail, white ibis, purple heron etc are seen here.
In Wilpattu National Park mainly salt grass, low scrub and monsoon forests are found. This national park is spotted with innumerable lakes. About 60 lakes have formed across the entire Wilpattu National Park. This area receives about 1000 mm of rain annually and the average annual temperature is about 27.2 Celsius.

Wilpattu National Park Map

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