Yala National Park

Yala National Park in Sri Lanka is also known as the Ruhuna National Park. Among the many national parks in Sri Lanka, this is the second largest one. Yala National Park is also one of the mostly visited national parks in this country. It covers about 1297 sq. Km of area.
Yala National Park is situated at a distance of 290 Km from the city of Colombo. A variety of flora and fauna is found here. A number of historically and religiously important sites are situated in this area. The park remains closed for tourists from September to October.
Yala National Park is mainly famous for its leopards. Tourists can go for jeep safaris through out the day in the forest to spot different wild animals and birds. Elephants, wild buffalos, jackals, crocodiles, spotted deer, sambar, mongoose and other animals are found in the Yala National Park. Marine turtles can be spotted along the coast lines. There are about 120 species of birds found in Yala National Park. Crested hawk eagles, lesser flamingoes, paradise flycatchers etc are only some of the popular species seen here.
A vast range of flora is seen in Yala National Park. Semi Deciduous, Dry Monsoon, Moist Monsoon trees are found here. Thorn trees and patches of grass lands are also seen in Yala National Park.

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