Bird Watching

Sri Lanka is a paradise for birds and thus it attracts a number of ornithologists from different parts of the world. There are almost 427 species of birds found in this country of which 250 are resident species. For bird watching in Sri Lanka, the Adamís Peak Wilderness Sanctuary and the Sinharaja Rain Forest Reserve are ideal locations. The Kumana Sanctuary in Bundala is known for flamingoes. Another important bird sanctuary of Sri Lanka is the Kalametiya Sanctuary.
Lake regions, wet lands and reservoirs are haven to water birds like egrets, herons, plover, terns, sandpipers, stilts and storks. From November to April is the best time for bird watching in Sri Lanka. During this time of the year about 198 species of migratory birds fly to this island country. Early morning is the best time of the day to spot birds.
In Sri Lanka some of the endemic species of birds are mostly seen in Ratnapura. These species include Ceylon Blue Magpie, blossom headed parakeets and Ceylon Paradise Flycatcher. Some of the endemic species of birds of the mountainous region in Sri Lanka include crested serpent eagle, dull blue flycatcher, black eagle, mountain hawk eagle, brahminy kite, Sri Lanka Woodpigeon etc.

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