Rain forests

Sri Lanka, the planned marine link between west Asia and south east, is famous for it’s native coconut, tea, coffee, cinnamon and rubber production and a good sum of money comes from the export of these things. The natural beauty of Sri Lanka consists of tropical rain forests, landscape and beaches. The country is famous world wide for its tourist destinations and it is also popular for its cultural heritages. The rain forest in Sri Lanka is the prime cause behind the popularity of Sri Lankan tourism.
The low land rain forest in Sri Lanka is below 1,000 m in altitude in the southwestern part of the country. Warm and wet climate exists side by side here. This specialty of weather together helps to form numerous species of plants and animals to be found in the rain forest in Sri Lanka only.
But rain forest in Sri Lanka also has suffered a lot during the time of civil war that led to a massive forest cleaning. The political condition of 90s and 80 forced the soldiers to clear the mangrove and lowland rain forest in Sri Lanka as it helps the rebels to take shelter in those areas. The shocking information of deforestation has forced Sri Lankan government to announce the rain forests as a protected area.
A rainforest is made up with an extreme complex structure of high trees. Rainforest in Sri Lanka is blessed with wide variety of wild flowers, vast existence of wild birds, reptiles, insects, and mammals which are all mutually dependent on each other. An exploration to Sri Lanka rain forest could be a life time achievement in nature adventure.

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