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Dehiwala Zoo, which is better known as the national zoo of Sri Lanka, was founded in 1936. It is spread over wide areas and is a host to a wide variety of birds and animals. Presently, this zoo has approximately 3000 animals of nearly 250 different species. Though the apparent objective of setting up this zoo was to exhibit animals, it is now treated as an animal welfare and conservation center.
Dehiwala Zoo remains open throughout the year, barring few occasions, and it draws huge number of tourists all around the world. Besides being considered as one of the oldest zoological gardens in Asia, Dehiwala Zoo is a home to many different species of birds, reptiles, mammals etc that are unlikely to be found in any other zoos in Sri Lanka. Some of its attractions are reptile house, butterfly garden, aquarium walk through aviary etc. Its convenient location coupled with its innumerable attractions has helped it to get regular visitors all around the year.
In order to increase its diversity Dehiwala Zoo often participates in animal exchange program with others zoos of the world. Through this program, it has managed to get some rare species of animals such as seals, anaconda etc.
Dehiwala Zoo is covered with huge trees of different species. It also has a small garden that is bedecked with water fountains, colorful flowers and green foliage of big trees.

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