Arugam Beach

Arugam beach is a popular tourist and surfing destination that is located 320 km from Colombo. Nearest city from this beach is Pottuvil, which is a frontier town with a population of over 35 000 people. Though this beach was badly hit by tsunami in 2004, it is slowly getting back to its former condition. Today, it is considered to be one of the world’s top ten surfing spots.
This beach is currently consisted of three small villages where over almost 3.500 people live. Though this beach is visited by thousands of visitors throughout the year, April to August is the ideal time for surfing. A vibrating and pulsating beach life is what Arugam beach has in store for its visitors and all a visitor has to do to sit back and experience it.
Arugam beach has an irresistible charm that has can be felt in its wide expanses of soft sandy shore that spreads for miles, in its white sand, in the sunshine and in everything that it beholds. The popularity of Arugam beach lies in the fact that all the modern amenities are available here. A number of luxury hotels are located near this beach from where one can get a panoramic view of the entire beach. This beach is also famous for its local cuisine that one can taste while enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.

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