Food of Sri Lanka is known for its wide variety and tastes. Sri Lankan cuisine comprise of hot, spicy and mild dishes. Restaurants in Sri Lanka offer conventional Sri Lankan food as well as several other international cuisines. At Sri Lanka, one will find Indian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Arabian restaurants, Continental restaurants, Italian restaurants, Korean restaurants, Swiss restaurants and Spanish restaurants. There are several eateries that sell only vegetarian food, sea food and fusion food.
Restaurants in Sri Lanka bring in amalgamation of different cultures by serving different cuisines across the world. Rice and curries are the traditional food of the Sri Lankan people. The curries are generally cooked with coconut milk, assorted spices and herbs. They can be prepared from fruit or vegetables. As part of Sri Lankan cuisine, sweet chutneys, papadams, pickles and coconut sambal are also served along with the main course at the Sri Lankan restaurants.
Kandyan cuisine has its own uniqueness. The sour fish curry is the most popular Kandyan cuisine served at Sri Lankan restaurants. Colombo is a popular joint to try out different varieties of Sri Lankan dishes. The ambiances of the restaurants in Sri Lanka are welcoming for guests. They serve quality food and drinks maintaining proper hygiene.

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