Ayurveda or a traditional medicinal treatment in Sri Lanka is practiced for many centuries. Ayurveda or herbal medicine is also referred as alternative medicine. The Ayurvedic tradition followed in Sri Lanka is an amalgamation of the different Ayurvedic traditions followed as in Siddha system of India or as in Arabís Unani medicines. Sri Lankan Ayurvedic tradition also follows its own indigenous Desheeya Chikitsa.
The word Ayurveda has derived from Sanskrit words Ayuh and Veda meaning life and knowledge respectively. With Ayurveda treatments, diseases are cured and this medicinal science practiced from ancient times also aims at preserving health. In Sri Lanka the tradition of herbal treatment or Ayurveda has been followed for generation after generation and it is believed this practice started almost 3,000 years back. Sarartha Sangrahaya written by famous Sri Lankan physician - King Buddhadasa is often followed by present day physicians for ayurvedic treatments.
Many Sri Lankan kings were also known as reputed physicians. The ayurveda practitioners and healers in Sri Lanka occupied respectable positions in the Sri Lankan society. The ruin of Mihintale in Sri Lanka is considered to be an ancient hospital.
Ayurveda treatment in Sri Lanka besides healing also aims at rejuvenating the body. In Sri Lankan Ayurvedic treatment centers, one can insist for ayurvedic body massage, leg massage, arm massage, facial treatment, head oil application, ayurvedic bath, steam bath and similar rejuvenating treatments. Nowadays the Ayurveda hotels and health resorts of Sri Lanka have become popular to the tourists.

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