Traditional Arts

Sri Lanka has rich tradition of art and crafts. The skills have been handed down from one generation to another. Different handicraft products are made from wood, bamboo, natural fiber, brass, coconut shell etc. Lacquer products, batiks, lace, costume jewelry, pottery etc are also made in Sri Lanka.
The craftsmen in Sri Lanka specialize in making different types of wooden masks. These masks were once used for treating diseases. They are also used for rituals and in performing arts, dramas etc. Batik works are colorful fabric work. The pattern and style of the batik works are unique. It is kind of a tie and dye work that requires talent and skill. Lace work is another indigenous art in Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka is also known for jewelry designing. Both Kandyan and Galle tradition are followed in Sri Lanka for designing jewelry. Intricate design in metal is done in Kandyan style and precious stones are used for Galle tradition of jewelry designing. Filigree works are adopted for silver jewelry designing. Expert craftsmen in Sri Lanka prepare ebony elephant from hard wood.
From ancient times, handicrafts are prepared from canes that naturally grow in this country. Another indigenous craft in Sri Lanka is Indikola. Craftsmen make summer hats, purses etc from leaves of date palms known as indikola. A kind of jute like fiber is used to weave dumbara mats in this country. Pottery work is also a traditional craft in Sri Lanka. Lac is used to make jewelry boxes, vases, designer bowls etc.


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